Datacenter can save all data from disaster

For this times internet is the biggest people needed that built connectivity for the others. With the internet we can across the worldwide just a few minute. We can access the internet connectivity easily. More and more times makes the connectivity better and still develop process. The internet can support to all the segment of human needed. Information for all the aspects about anything can found from the internet. The data from the internet develop as quickly as develop of the information that’s happen. To protect the data in internet, there are back up data for internet that build to safe all data that spread in internet. 

Those are the data centers that support the internet access. The Ashburn Virginia datacenter is one of the two data center that build in Virginia that support 100% power and 100% network access. The position of geographical the Ashburn Virginia that support for better serve market North America and South America. The others location that’s support by the Ashburn Virginia are Midwest and East Coast USA, Europe, Africa, and Middle East. The other one from the data centers that build to support the global internet is The San Diego California datacenter. San Diego datacenter is located at California. Different with the Ashburn Virginia, San Diego California data center is better serve the data center market West Cost USA, Asia, and Australia.  
San Diego data center also has guarantee and availability for the 100% power and 100% of connectivity that’s support the internet access related the serve market. The Ashburn Virginia datacenter and The San Diego California datacenter are serves as primary serve Disaster Recovery (DR) site. The all data that happen in the internet is had back up by data center to protect from the disaster site. From those, all the data can safety and can’t lose the old internet’s data.

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