Developt the technology for better images

High technology for the human is developt technology for the past. The technology is way for better life that’s help the pople to do some tasks or dailiy activity. People need some device to help their life more easily than the past time. The simple example is for the past time people use the animal for the land to grow their plant, but for tims time people have been used the machine to help their job. They don’t use some animal again. They just using land machine and the other device that’s support their activity. The others example is for the past, people watch the televition by using black and white colour. The next technology people has been used the colour televition that’s watch in their home. 

The technology not stopped from there, people continue to developt the technology. They built new technology for gets the beautiful images that’s help the people for the better images. People developt the image viewer to be best quality images with using VGA cable. The next generation for the cable that support the better images is developtment for VGA itself. Now, there is VGA over Cat5 that has a better images better than the last VGA. Technology always growth with better and improvement the last technology. They always improve the technology for help to human needed. 

The other improvement of technology is make for better life than before. Technology not only stopped from those, it always improve and make the others device that’s support some electronic ones. Technology not off from the electrician, they need electricity to support they power. That’s new era for developt technology in electronic device. More and more device built to help the human life for simple ways. That’s is simple life that’s people wanted for their life than before.

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