Google Announced Great Improvements to its Apps

Google is always amazing us with its constant updates and news. Just recently some great improvements have been introduced. It has namely improved Google presentations and introduced a new version of Google docs optimized for Android tablets.

Google Presentations Updates

Google has recently added some awesome features to Google  docs enabling thus its users to build nice looking presentations, among these features we can mention as an example :

  1. Users can now make great looking slides with animated builds
  2. Google added advanced slide transitions
  3. Google Docs has now a better support for drawings, tables and themes
  4. Users can now collaboratively create presentations without the need for any attachments
  5. They can also work on the same version of presentation and be able to see real time changes being done by their colleagues, they can also chat with them as they work

Google Docs Optimized for Android Tablets

With this new improvement, Google has made it easy and fast for Android tablet users to use Google Docs. The app is completely free and adds several advantages such as :

  • Larger screen real estate
  • Three panel view that allows users to browse filters and collections, see document lists  file thumbnails, and details simultaneously
  • make quick changes to spreadsheets
  • take a photo of printed text and convert it to Google docs
  • share docs with your android contacts

If you want to get this app , it is free and available in Android Market
You can also visit Google Mobile Blog to learn more

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