Viewbix Easily Add Captions and Titles to Your Videos

Today I am introducing a very practical video tool that you can use with your students in your classrooms. The tool is called Viewbix. It allows its users to add interactive buttons or apps to their videos in order to engage viewers and call for action. It works just with YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook videos which is for us in education  pretty much enough.

"The apps overlay dynamic content on top of your YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook videos to create a rich viewing experience that can be shared across the web, social and mobile platforms."

  Viewbix  also allows its users  to add descriptions and photos that others can view when they click on the buttons shown on the screen. In addition, when you finish customizing your video in Viewbix you can then share it with the world through a unique URL or through a generated HTML code embeddable in websites, blogs and websites.

Teachers can use use Viewbix to create video tutorials where they can include call for action buttons for students to click on. It is a highly effective tool in education and I do invite educators to give it a try and see by themselves.

To start using Viewbix , you need to head over to their main page and open your free account. Once logged then just provide the URL of the video you want to work on from Facebook, Vimeo or YouTube then choose the buttons you want to include and give them a title and a link and there you go. Yes it is as easy as it sounds.

Some features of Viewbix

Here is a list of the main features that Viewbix offers to its users :

It is free
It is easy to use
It has a user friendly interface
It allows users to customize their videos with titles , descriptions, links and many more
You can share your videos via a unique link or through an HTML code
You can save your videos to your Viewbix account and edit them anytime you want
It allows you to include photo feeds, coupons, Google maps, RSS feeds, QR codes and more .

Viewbix can be a great educational tool if used appropriately and I do invite you to give it a try.

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