QuickScreenShare A Great Screen Sharing Tool

QuickScreemShare is a great web tool. It allows its users to share their computer screens with friends and colleagues. The service does not require any registration and is above all very easy to use, a fact which makes out of QuickScreemShare one of the best screen sharing tools online.

This service which is a side project from the creators of Screencast-O-Matic.com is still in beta which means that bugs might appear from time to time. What I really like about QuickScreemShare is its simplicity, for example when you want to share your screen with a friend of yours who is just a beginner in technology then you do not need to worry if he will be able to run it appropriately for all he has to do is click on a link that you will send to him and that's it.

Some features of QuickScreemShare ?

Here is a list of some of the best features that this screen sharing tool offers to its users :

  • It is free
  • It does not require any registration or software installation
  • It has a user friendly interface
  • It does need Java to be installed on your computer which I think all of us have 
  • It works on Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • It allows you to share your computer screen with your colleagues
  • It even lets you control mouse and keyboard

How can i get started using QuickScreemShare ?

To get started using this screen sharing tool you need to watch this short video tutorial

Applications of QuickScreenShare in Education

QuickScreenShare is a great screen sharing tool that educators need to be using. Teachers can use it with their students to guide them through the hardest steps in a certain learnt procedure. They can also use it to explain to them a how to tutorial. Students can use it to share information and materials between each other especially when working on a class project. It will definitely help them learn how to work collaboratively , a skill which every 21st century learner need to have.

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