ScreenChomp Use your iPad as a Whiteboard

ScreenChomp is a great mobile app for iPad. It provides it users with a white screen where they can draw or do whatever they want. The app is very handy and smartly done and students and teachers can benefit a lot from it. There are a number of markers that you can use to make your drawings , and whatever you do on it is automatically recorded so that you will be able to see and share it with the world if you want.

Besides the Whitebaord, ScreenChomp also allows you to use  the pictures you have taken or downloaded with your iPad . You can customize them the way you want by adding, tweaking , writing or pointing arrows to illustrate whatever you are about to explain. You can also upload your favourite videos and share them with your friends using a unique URL. Videos can also be posted to Facebook with a single click or tweeted right from the app. You can also download the video as an MPEG-4 file.

Some Features of ScreenChomp ?

Here is a list of the best features that ScreenChomp offers to its users:

  • It is free
  • It has a user friendly interface
  • It is easy and simple to use
  • It lets you sketch out your ideas using markers on a white board
  • It lets you upload your videos and share them with your friends using a unique link
  • It is compatible with iPad and requires iOS42 or later 

Applications of ScreenChomp in education 

ScreenChomp is a great educationl app that both teachers and students can use in their education.  Apart from the easy and step by step tutorials you can make , ScreenChomp can help educators do many other things like :

"Users at every skill level can create bite-sized teaching morsels they can share online, again and again, with this delectable app. 
STUDENTS: Help each other with homework and work together on projects.TEACHERS: Tutor kids while away from school, or record a few tips to send home with them.MENTORS: Tutor youngsters from afar, without buying desktop recording software.KIDS: Share doodles and ideas with friends " taken from ScreenChomp Page

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