Google Finally Introduced The Digital Bookcase

Google has recently introduced a new experimental product that will really amaze educators and bookworms. It is the digital bookcase. Yes you have a traditional bookcase at home in your living room where you organize your books and now you can have another bookcase that is virtual and will hold as many electronic books as possible , and guess what ? it is much organized than the traditonal one you might have home.

The digital bookcase operates with the latest technology and has an infinite 3D helix.

" The books are organized into 28 subjects. To choose a subject, click the subject button near the top of your screen when viewing the bookcase. The camera then flies to that subject. Clicking on a book pulls it off the shelf and brings it to the front and center of the screen. Click on the high-resolution cover and the book will open to a page with title and author information as well as a short synopsis, provided by the Google Books API. All of the visuals are rendered with WebGL, a technology in Google Chrome and other modern browsers that enables fast, hardware-accelerated 3D graphics right in the browser, without the need for a plug-in. " taken from Official Google Blog
Here is a video to learn more about the digital bookcase

You can also read Google's original article to learn more

Designing an Infinite Digital Bookcase

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