Subjot Read Only What Interests You In Twitter and Facebook

Subjot is a great tool for educators using social networking in their work. I know all of us use at least Facebook and Twitter , others use many more than that.  Can you imagine having to stay updated and read the posts your friends and people you follow post everyday in those social websites you are part of ? You might end up having dozens or even hundreds of posts everyday but only few of them are of some interest to you. To sift through the whole bunch will waste you more and more time you might not even have and you might even probably not care because that is way too much than you can handle. Subjot is the solution, It acts as a filter by letting you read only posts that interest you.  

How can Iget started using Subjot ?

Head over to Subjot main page and log in with either your Twitter or Facebook account. Once logged in then you  can choose the subjects that interest you and that you would like to follow. Now whenever you logged in to your account on Subjot you will only see posts from your friends that relate to your specified topics.
Users will also be able to drop comments and follow other  users they like and view their profiles. They can also write their own thoughts and tag them to a specific subject.

Some features of Subjot 

Here are the main features that Subjot offers to its users:

  • It is free
  • It is easy to use
  • It has a user friendly interface
  • It lets you log in using either your Twitter or Facebook account
  • It allows users to filter posts from their social feeds by focusing only on interested topics
  • It lets you follow people of mutual interest and build your own community
  • It also allows its users to jot down their own thoughts and share them with others in Facebook and Twitter
  • It lets you receive email notifications

I really think that educators need to give Subjot a try and see by themselves. I personally see it as a great tool for personnal and professional development.

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