Songzilla Stream and Download Songs and Lyrics for Free

Here is a great music site I want to introduce to my readers today. It is called Songzilla. This website is going to be  of great help to those teachers who have trouble finding the appropriate websites where to download music for free.

Songzilla does not put a limit on how much music you can stream for free which many other websites do, so all is free . What is even greater is that you can look for lyrics right inside the site so you can have both songs and their lyrics , your students would love it . It is very helpful for language students who are trying to pick up English.

By using Grooveshark , users can be able to look for specific songs using search criterion such as the artist' name, the title of the song or the name of the album . Users can also use their Facebook accounts to log in to Songzilla and create their own favourite lists where they can mark the songs they like. They can also share songs with their friends and colleagues. I do like this website and I do recommend it for you.

Some features of Sonzilla

Here is a list of the important features Songzilla offers to its users:

  • It is free
  • It is user friendly and simple to use
  • It lets you log in using your Facebook account to log in
  • Users can create favourite lists of songs they like and share them with others 
  • Users can also use the search options to look for songs and lyrics they like
  • It lets users stream and download songs

If you think Songzilla can help you some then head over to its main page and start exploring it.

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