eduplace : free graphic organizers for educators

Eduplace is really a great site . It offers a set of printable graphs and charts to use in the classroom with your students . These graphs are very handy and easy to use , so there is no need to spend time online trying to build charts or classroom assignment grills , you can find all in Eduplace and for free at the tip of a click . It is indeed a wonderful resource for all educators .

Here are  what Eduplace offers to the teachers

Just click on any title and you will have its PDF version at your hand to print

  • Clock

  • Cluster/Word Web 1

  • Cluster/Word Web 2

  • Cluster/Word Web 3

  • Describing Wheel

  • E-Chart

  • Fact and Opinion

  • Five W's Chart

  • Flow Chart

  • Four-Column Chart

  • Garden Gate

  • Goal-Reasons Web

  • Ice-Cream Cone

  • Idea Rake

  • Idea Wheel

  • Inverted Triangle

  • ISP Chart
    (Information, Sources, Page)

  • KWL Chart

  • KWS Chart

  • Ladder

  • Observation Chart

  • Persuasion Map

  • Planning Chart

  • Problem-Solution Chart 
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