Laterloop: Read your links wherever you are

Laterloop is a great bookmarking service for educators. It is a twin sister of Mento , the other link sharing app i have talked about in Mento:a great way to shyare links with others. Laterloop allows its users to read WebPages later on phone or web. Whether you opt for the web or mobile version you will always be able to read your bookmarks instantly. What is even great about this tool is that it allows you to read your bookmarks offline. You  download a ZIP file of your links and read them when you are offline. I am actually using Livebinders ( read: Livebinders the educative tool teachers should not miss to learn about this smart tool)which i love so much but when i tried Laterlopp i think i will add it to my bookmarking tools on my desktop.

Some features of Laterloop

Here are the main features that Laterloop offers to its users:
  • It is free

  • It is easy to use and safe

  • It requires a sign up but you can use your Google account to sign in as well.

  • It works both on the web and mobile interfaces

  • It supports iPhones, Blackberries, Nokias, and other similar smartphones.

  • It has a handy bookmarklet for the famous browsers

  • It lets you read your links offline

  • You can consult your archive of bookmarked links online

How can i get started using Laterloop ?

To start using this free service you need to
  1. head over to Laterloop main page and sign up for a free account.

  2. Now you need to install the bookmarklet in your browser

  3. Whenever you are on a website that you want to read later then just click on ‘Save For Later’ button on your browser

  4. The link of that page will be automatically saved to your Laterloop account to access whenever you want.

Applications of Laterloop in Education

This is a very good tool for teachers who are very busy and keep on forgetting bookmarked links they scheduled to read. Now whether you are at school with your students or in the airport waiting for your flight , Laterloop will keep you connected to your unfinished work.
That’s it about Laterloop: Read your links wherever you are.
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