Google Social Search: Socialized Search Results

Google Social Search is a newly released service. It allows googlers to get ideas and recommendations from people they trust and right into their search results. Wow isn’t that great ?Google has made it again and honestly speaking, Google has never stopped from amazing me with the high quality services they keep coming up with especially those ones that  are education oriented. I am one of the biggest Google fans and i have devoted a whole section of this blog just to Google services and tutorials , you can have a look at what you might have missed from this Guru in Google Search/ tools page.

How does Google Social Search work ?

Google Social Search is a great way to get search results containing results from people you are connected to on blogger, flicker, twitter and publicly available site. Social Search can help you find information, pages, and links your friends have created and submitted online. It will also help you find links your contacts have shared on twitter and other sites. Therefore , if someone you are connected to have shared a link ,then you may find that link in your search results with a clear annotation. For instance , if you are looking for information on How to Teach Large Classes and your colleague John shared a link on Teaching large Classes then you will see an annotation and picture from John under the results.
Remember that these social search results are only visible to you and only appear when you choose to log in to your Google account.
To learn more how this service works you need to watch this short video tutorial.

Applications of Google Social Search in education

Google Social Search is a great service to be used by teachers and students. Now students can use it to look for search results submitted by their friends or teachers. We all trust people we know much and in this way the info published by the ones we are connected to are likely to benefit us more in our queries .
That’s it about Google Social Search: Socialized Search Results.
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