FreezePage: Freeze pages for later use

FreezePage is a great web tool. It is a sort of bookmarking tool that is completely different from all the other bookmarking tools we have seen here so far. FreezePage as its name entails is a service that allows its users to bookmark the page as it is and store it for a later use. When you get back to the stored page you will find the same page you have bookmarked with no updates. Let me explain this more; for example i was on a blog reading an article about a certain web2.0 tool and then suddenly i had a call and i needed to go. If i bookmarked the page with other bookmarking sites i would for sure have it there but when i would refer to it later that day or anytime i would  find the page updated and probably new articles there so i would  have to start looking for the exact page i was reading this is because these bookmarking tools bookmark the URL and not the page itself, but with Freeze Page you will be able to get back to the exact page or even the exact paragraph you left off. Hummmmmmm isn’t that cool ? for me it is much more than that.

Freeze Page not only freezes the pages for a later use but also generates a url for this very page you want and you can share it with others to see . The page and its content will never change no matter how long you kept it in your store.

Some features of Freeze Page

Here are the main features that FreezePage offers to its users:
  • It is free

  • It is easy to use

  • It has an intuitive interface

  • It requires a sign up to store your pages

  • It allows its users to bookmark pages as they are

  • It generates URLs for frozen pages

  • It lets users share their frozen pages with others

  • It has a bookmarklet to install on your browser

  • The frozen page never changes

How can i get started using  FreezePage ?

Go to FreezePage main page and
  1. sign up for a free account

  2. enter the address of the web you are reading or just paste it there

  3. Press “Freeze Web Page” and wait while we get the Web page from the address you specified

  4. the frozen page is automatically placed in a personal folder (“My Frozen Pages”)

Applications of FreezePage in education

Educators can benefit a lot from this free service. They can just freeze the pages they find online and generate URLs to share with their students , in this way they can make sure students are keeping up with what they bookmark for them .You can also use it to share URLs of pages of relevant interest with your colleagues and friends.
That’s it about FreezePage: Freeze pages for later use.
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