History: Maps of World: Search and find any map on your mobile

History: Maps of World is a great mobile app for educators. As its name indicates , It  is a fun and educational collection of high-resolution historical maps . It allows its users to have access to a wide and different range of world maps together with accompanying info like sources name, era view and key word search .
The app is free so you will not pay a cent to use it . I am including this app into the mobile educative apps i am blogging about here because of its importance in education .

Some features of History: Maps of World

Here is a list of the main features that History: Maps of World offers to its users:
  • It is free to use

  • It is easy and simple

  • It allows users to access maps of the world

  • It offers a wide variety of historical displays

  • It has support for Category/ Era view

  • It includes keyword searching

  • It displays the source about each map

  • It offer sophisticated zooming options

  • It provides a free screen rotation
    It does not require a network connection

Applications of History: Maps of World in education

We can use it to look for specific locations on the map and using the zooming options you can even bring closer a fading view. Students can use it in their research projects and classroom assignments to  keep up with  history, and learn something about history . I know history teachers will love it the most.
That’s it about History: Maps of World: Search and find any map on your mobile.

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