iTalk Recorder : A Free Audio Recording Mobile App

iTalk Recorder is one of the top downloaded app for Ipad and iPhone . iTalk Recorder allows its users to record audio and save it into their mobile library . I just can’t believe it is free now . As educators , iTalk Recorder can be very helpful when attending lectures or meetings , use it to record whatever going on around you and just the way you want it.

Some features of iTalk Recorder

Here are the main features and services that iTalk Recorder offers to its users :
  • It is free

  • It is dead simple

  • It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later

  • It has a great interface

  • It uses easy recording features that you can handle instantly

  • You can email recordings in iTalk Recorder Lite but emailing is limited to files under 2MB which ius a generous capacity for us in education

  • It offers a high-quality handheld recordings

  • It allows graphics updated for Retina displa

  • It includes auto noise-cancellation (iPhone 4)

  • It has easy to use control tabs : just the big red button to start recording, tap again to stop; slide forward and back when playing back your recordings

How can i get started using iTalk Recorder ?

To learn how to start using iTalk Recorder watch this video tutorial :

Applications in Education

iTalk Recorder is all pluses for educators . As i said before this is a great tool for professional development , how many times we attend important meetings,lectures, or seminars and we just can not  note everything that has been dealt with , now with iTalk Recorder it is completely different .You wont let go of any info no matter how little it is . I strongly advise you to have this free app on your mobile devices .
That’s it about iTalk Recorder : A Free Audio Recording Mobile App .
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