Human Restore:Free educative documentaries

Human restore is a a great website for educators. It is a repository of free engaging documentaries featuring different categories. This website looks like John Locker: The free documentary website which i have covered in an earlier post. I know we need documentaries to include in our teaching from time to time but the problem is if you set yourself to look for some free ones then you would find yourself navigating the web endlessly and just to find if ever you are lucky , the ones you wanted. To save teachers’ time and help them better benefit from the net i organized a special page where i submit posts and links to the best free teachers resources. Look above and click on teachers resources to have a look at what you might have missed .

Human Restore is free and very simple to use . You do not need to sign up or anything . just head over to Human Restore main page and look at the categories column on the left hand side . Click on any category to bring up its components.  Select the ones you want to watch and click on them . Yes it is this easy.

Applications of Human Restore in education

I strongly invite teachers and educators to have recourse to video resources such as Human Restore. Multimedia elements are very helpful in teaching and learning and students show more interaction and engagement when videos or audio clips are integrated into the classroom teaching.
That’s it about Human Restore:Free educative documentaries .
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