Noteleaf: a great reminder app for educators

Are you the type of person who keeps on forgetting the meeting he has scheduled and people he meets ? Noteleaf is just what you need. Honestly speaking i am one of those people , i have sticky notes everywhere ( on my fridge door, bedroom wall and on many websites online) and still i miss many things. It is just very hard to keep up with everything.
Noteleaf allows its users to  schedule meetings in Google Calendar and be reminded when and who you are meeting with.

Some features of Noteleaf

Here is a list of the main features that Noteleaf offers to its users:
  • It is easy to use

  • It has an interactive interface

  • It allows its users to get reminders of what they have scheduled in Google calendar

  • It connects your Google and LinkedIn profiles

  • It is available for the desktop, Android, Blackberry, and IOS.

How does Noteleaf Work ?

To start working on Noteleaf you need first to authorize the app to use your Google app and LinkedIn accounts. Now you need to add an event in your google calendar to set the meeting. Noteleaf will then provide the LinkedIn information of the person you are meeting right from the calendar or simply send you a text message with a link to the mobile profile.
That’s it about Noteleaf: a great reminder app for educators.
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