Archivedbook View All your Facebook History in One Page

Archivedbook is a cool web application. It allows it users to view all their Facebook recorded posts, links, comments, and many more all in one page.Using this app you can have access to what you have posted three years ago and remember the links you shared with your friends and colleagues. As educators you can use this app to retrieve the links you have shared with last year class and view the comments you have made on students walls.
Archivedbook has a nostalgic air and believe me once you use it you start reliving all the events you might have forgotten.

Some of the features of Archivedbook ?

Here is a list of some of the best features that Archivedbook offers to its users:

It is free
It is easy to use
It allows you to :

  1.  Remember all the messages your friends posted on your wall since you joined Facebook
  2.  view of all photos and videos your friends tagged you into
  3.  like, comment or delete some old item? Or reading all its comments? Each item features a direct link to its equivalent on Facebook.
  4.  check the history of any Facebook Page, even if you are not its administrator.
  5.  find your most liked or most commented posts.
  6. Get your complete check-in history: places you’ve been or have been tagged in, people tagged with you, and Google Maps preview.

 If you think this app is worth trying then head over to Archivedbook main page and give it a shot.

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