KiTL URL Shorten Many URLs Into One Link

KiTL URL is a great web tool. It allows its users to shorten several URLs into one link. We all use shortening applications to squeeze out our links to share in social websites but the problem occurs when you want to share many links. It would take you some time just going back and forth working on every single link alone. Now you can type all your links into KiTL URL and all will be shortened into one short URL.

Not only are you provided with a single short URL that links to all your added URLs, but you also get alternative versions of the URL and sharing buttons to directly share the shortened URL on social networks" By Make Use Of.

When you share the shortened URL with others , they will be able to see how many pages the shortened  URL links and shift the pages using the top tool bar that appears.

If you want to shorten just one single URL KiTL URL can also let you do that. You can both use batch-shortening service or just individual shortening one.

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