Useful Tips for The 21st Century Teachers

 Here is what I have prepared for you for this weekend.  I have three short videos that I want you to watch attentively. The videos are really great and can help new teachers a lot. Old teachers who have developed bad habits over the years will also find them useful. The videos are about teaching tips and techniques.

The first one talks about the bad teaching habits some teachers do when delivering their lessons. These habits are clearly displayed and solutions to fix them were also proposed.

                                                   Breaking Teaching Habits Video

 The second video is about error correction. You can see and compare yourself to those teachers and how they correct their students errors. If you think your error correction technique needs improvement then this is your opportunity to do so.

                                                            Error Correction Video

The last video is about a bunch of teaching tips you need to keep in your mind. You can jot these tips down and have a look at them from time to time and always ask yourself if your teaching incorporates these tips or not.

                                                   Five Great Teaching Techniques

I have also published an exhaustive list of teaching tips teachers of the 21st century need to abide by. You can check The 21st Century Teaching Tips.
I hope you enjoyed the videos. Any suggestions or comments are highly welcomed.

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