What The Heck is Cyberlearning All about '' ?

Cyberlearning is another buzz word in the literature of  the 21st education. With the growing integration of technology into education there emerged some new  forms of learning that just decades ago never existed. It is a positive sign that educators are moving with the current and not against it. The type of students we are teaching today is completely different from the one of the 20th century. We are dealing with digital students who depend largely on mobile technology in their everyday life. They are technically called digital natives and their educators are labelled digital immigrants.

Using technology in teaching has almost become a must. It is true that there are differences at the level of  the implementation of technology in the classroom from country to country and even from school to school within the same country but what is conventionally taken for granted is the fact that technology has imposed itself as an important element in education. In the lights of these innovations, a theoretical background has been created to sort of legitimize and better control the use of this technology with learners. New learning theories that  meet `` the technological `` needs of students  have  been subsequently forged. Mobile learning ( also called m-learning ), online learning, distance learning, e-learning, virtual learning, and cyberlearning are but some of these examples.
After I have covered mobile learning in earlier posts entitled :
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 Today I am introducing you to Cyberlearning. I have selected a great short video that clearly explains what cyberlearning is all about. Watch it at least twice and if you can , take a pen and paper and note down the important ideas mentioned in the footage.

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