Why Daylight Saving Time

Last Sunday, we had to change the clock here in Canada and take one hour back. Time has also changed in some other countries especially those that are far from the equator. To be honest I hate this time swap and takes me up to two weeks to get used to the new time and reschedule all my things anew. It is not a time change that happens but a system change, in work , nutritional system, sleep system and everything.

I always wish they would stop doing it but there are sound reasons why they are taking these steps every year. Trying to look for these reasons and understand why this happens I stumbled upon some very good videos that explain it all. The worst thing for us in education is to be asked by your students the next day time changes for the reasons why there is such a change. Would you imagine the embarrassment you be in when you ignore these facts. Anyway it is never too late to learn and here are two videos that will explain this phenomenon. You can share these videos with your students , it will be a great idea if you  schedule  two hours session to play these videos in front of your learners and then  organize an open discussion where each one can participate.

Here is the second video

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