PowerInbox Check your Social Networks Right from Your Email Account

PowerInbox is a great web tool. It allows its users to check their Facebook, Twitter or Groupon accounts instantly and withouth the need for extra clicks and tabs. Normally when you get a notification from Facebook or Twitter it gets to your inbox in the form of an email that you need to click on to read and then click on the link inside to access the source website from which the emaile was issued. To save yourself some clicks and to avoid opening up new tabs on your browser you need to use PowerInbox.

Poweinbox is easy and free to use. What it actually does is adding up few powerful tools to your inbox. These are smart extensions that are compatible with both Firefox and Chrome. PowerInbox works  with the most famous email servers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail , and Outlook. Once you get the extensions installed , then whenever you are reading an email from Facebook and  Twitter a box will open up.

For Facebook, you will be able to comment back on posts and for Twitter the box lets you  tweet and follow back.

Now busy educators who have several tabs already opened on their browsers can use PowerInbox to quickly and instantly check their social networking email notifications and respond to them without having to move to extra tabs. This is indeed a handy and practical tool that I recommend for you. Try it out and see.

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