A List of Some of The Best Websites to Download Free Ebooks

Ebooks are ubiquitous everywhere online. Some are paid and most of them are free. Scholars and students all around the world prefer the electronic formats of books because of many reasons. First off they are, most of the time, free and easily accessible. They are also portable and offer greater mobility options. If you have a smart phone or an e-reader then you can read your ebooks whenever and wherever you want. I personally do most of my readings online. I have a virtual library where I save my downloaded books and each time I finish reading a book I move it to the category labelled ' read '.

I know some educators have never embarked on an online reading experience and some others find it hard to search for and find free versions of ebooks they want to read. To those people I would say , here is my favourite list of websites where you can search for and download ebooks.

Google Books :

This is my number one. It is a product of Google and everything that is produced by Google would always come first in my options. Google Books allows you to look for books by their title. Although most of the results contain books you need to pay for , still you can find some book reviews and documents worth reading. I sometimes buy books using the recommendations from Google Books. There are some great books which cost just 20 to 30 dollars. Isn't that a good deal for feeding your mind with a great book?


This is also a great website where you can download free ebooks . The ebooks offered by Bookboon are in PDF file format. They are categorized into Textbooks, Business, and Travel Guides.

Google Scholar :

This is  like a search engine but just for documents and textbooks. It provides a search of scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources, including  books, abstracts and articles.

 Free Book Spot :

 This is a free ebook library where users can have access to free downloads of books in more than 90 categories.You can download books without any registration but if you become a member you will have added pluses like being able to add new books and add comments.


 If you still do not know this website then it is one of the most known online document sharing sites which supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and other popular formats. You can download a lot of ebooks here for free. You just need to know how to search for the right items.

Project Gutenberg :

 It offers over 36,000 free ebooks to download to your PC, Kindle, Android, iOS or other portable device. Choose between ePub, Kindle, HTML and simple text formats.


This is a PDF search engine where you can search for PDF ebooks, sheets, forms and documents. Not all the ebboks offered in the results are free.

Planet ebook

It offers free classic literature for downloading. All the novels and books here are free to download and share with your friends, students and colleagues.

The eight websites I have mentioned above are my favourite and does not mean that those are the only good ones available online, there are also several  other links where you can search for and download ebooks . 

Here is a google Docs Presentation I made and in which I included these websites you can download and reuse the presentation as you want.

Here is a list of some of them ( I have not reviewed these links ):

  1. Online Free Ebooks
  2. Know Free
  3. Globusz
  4. Get Free Ebooks
  5. Many Books
  6. 4eBooks
  7. Ask Sam Ebooks
  8. The Online Books Page
  9. BookYards
  10. SnipFiles
  11. BluePortal
  12. MemoWare

Disclaimer : whenever you use any of the websites mentioned in this article, you Must respect the copyright of the materials downloaded.

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