A List of Some of The Best Photo Editing Tools

Photos and images are great multimedia tools to incorporate into your classroom teaching. Students attention and  curiosity are easily arisen when graphic content is involved. So to help you prepare teaching visual aids to include in your classroom, Here is a set of useful and free photo editing tools that you can use very easily. With these tools you can add your personal touch to your photos and make them even more engaging. Click on any link to read more about the photo editing tool .

Convert to Cartoon: editing This is a great photo editing tool that allows its users to turn their photos into cartoons.

Anmish : This tools allows its users to add funny effects to their photos.

Picnik  : This is a great photo editing tool. It allows its users to apply several awesome effects on their images using a wide range of editing tools.

GrossOut : This photo editing tool allows its users to add  heinous and scary effects such as “crazy eyes, gnawing teeth, eye patches, bat wings, bloody knives and axes, open gash and wounds, masks, and many many more.”

YourOldPic : It  is a great image editing tool. It allows its users to make their pictures look old.

Image Embellisher :   It allows its users to quickly and easily add special effects to their images.

RoundPic : It allows its users to edit their images and turn them into rounded pictures.

Pixlr-o-matic is one of the easiest tools to help you add that personal touch without being a techno geek.

iPiccy : offers a plethora of editing functions that you can use very easily .

Zoom.it:  It allows its users to view and share high resolution imagery.

Bubblesnaps :  is about adding speech bubbles to a picture.

Visualize.us :  It lets you bookmark all your favourite pictures from different websites and share them with your anyone .

PictureTrail: It offers easy ways to organize your pictures and share them with your family , friends or student .

Subit :  It lets you add explanations to your images or create a personalized slideshow.

Image to Video : This tools  allows you to convert jpg images to videos .

Host-d-oddcast : It is a great image editing tool . It allows its users to embed their pictures and cartonize them into 3d avatar .

Black-Text : It  is a cool photo editing application. It allows its users to turn any image into a readable text-laden photo within seconds.

If you have other suggestions that we can add to this list then feel free to share with us in the comment box below.

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