Mobile Learning The next Trend in Education

Mobile learning is the buzz word in education now. No wonder we are living in a digital age that is advancing so quickly and either you keep up with the actual pace or you lag behind and become outdated. Education is just part of this equation, new learning and teaching theories are being forged to cater for the emerging needs of the 21st century instruction. Before, we used to talk about just the integration of technology into education mainly in the form of using internet enabled  computers in the classrooms but now it is time we look for ways to use mobile devices in our teaching and learning. The vast majority of our students and learners have mobile devices of some sort and they spend most of their time interacting with these handheld appliances than you would ever imagine.Could you just imagine the pluses of using these same devices to help our students in their learning ?

This is an open ended question that I will try to answer in my Master thesis this year. But for now let me just share with you a great infographic that I found while I was doing some online research into this topic. The infographic shows clearly how the traditional forms of education are being outdated in an a digitally mobile  connected world.

Via: Voxy Blog

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