Understand 9/11 Videos You Might Have Missed

Understand 9/11 is a website that provides reports about the tragedy that befell the Twin Centre and Pentagon on the 11th of September 2011. I know I should have published this earlier so that teachers planning to talk about these terrorist attacks with their students will be empowered with a plethora of videos and news footages all shedding light from different angles on these catastrophic events. I am sorry I just learnt about this web site  but better late then never.

Understand 9/ 11 archives several reports about this event. The reports are categorized according to their date and the TV channels on which they were broadcast. To start watching any report just click on the report thumbnail to obtain an extended view. The view contains image thumbnails from the same television report. Click on any report thumbnail and the footage will automatically start playing.

I hope this website will help you find materials to consider for future coverage of these tragic events.

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