Black-Text Turn Pictures into Text Images

Black-Text is a cool photo editing application. It allows its users to turn any image into a readable text-laden photo within seconds. I am adding this tool to the list I have been compiling here about the Best Free Photo Editing Tools. The reason why my posts often cover photo editing tool here is to give educators the chance to discover great ways they can innovatively use pictures in their classrooms. We all know the importance of visual media in education and to go online and start googling for such tools  would take you some time, That is why this blog and many other ones out there on the net , are trying to aggregate the best free tools and deliver them in a ready to take posts.

Black-Text is free and has a handy editing board where you can carry out many actions like changing the style, colour, text fonts and many more.

How can I get started using Black-Text ?

Just head over to Black-Text main page and upload a photo you want to convert and then enter the text you want to go with it. This text can be just a few sentences , quotes or even long paragraph. Black-Text then turns your image into a desaturated image with your text placed on it. Users can also resize image size, font type, text colour and background colour. When done with the customization then you can either save the image or print it.

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