Six Great Ted Talks Videos Educators Need to Watch

One of my favorite video websites is TED. I know many of you are already acquainted with the name but to  those who still do not have an idea  what TED is all about I would say that you are missing out on an inestimable resource of great videos. TED has been internationally recognized and from different academic and professional bodies as one of the best educational websites. It features interviews with the smartest thinkers of our age. It touches upon every category from entertainment to education. I personally find it the right place to get the necessary  inspiration and encouragement to improve and boost my self and professional development.

Being as such, I have selected some of its most viewed videos that I want you to watch. Every single video of this selection has a lesson to teach us.I strongly believe that educators are agents of change and with clips like the ones below, the task can even be much more motivating. Enjoy the videos

1- First Video

This is a short video of a lecture delivered by the popular psychologist Philip Zimbardo. He talked about time perspectives and time management skills. Watch the video to learn more

2- Second Video

This is a great video by Kiran Bir Sethi where she teaches her kids how to take full responsibility of their learning . She gave us a good lesson on how students can positively contribute in their community change.

3- Third Video

This is one of my favorite videos. In 20005, Steve Jobs ( the late Apple and Pixar CEO ) addressed a huge number of Standford graduates in a very touchy and motivating speech. There are many lessons we can learn from his words and I believe that this speech is all wisdom.

4- Fourth Video

The generation of students we teach today are completely different from the previous generations. The first indication of this discrepancy lays in the numerous and various names used to depict today's generation and the people who belong to it. They are often referred to as Generation Y, Nexters, Baby Boom, Echo Boomers, Millennials,  Generation Next, Generation Me, and Digital Natives. Yes our students are digital natives and they depend almost wholly on technology in their everyday life. Being as such, Paul Lewis has some observations for worth listening to in this regard.

5- Fifth Video

My last video for you is both funny and educational. Funny because of the way a parrot repeats what its trainer Stephanie White says to her  and educational because it teaches us that with determination, perseverance, and dedication we can achieve great things in our life.

You can share these videos with your students and if you want to watch similar videos then head on to TED Talks.

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