6 Free Tools to Convert Youtube Videos to MP3

Now that mobile devices are ubiquitous, some people still find it hard to download their favourite music or audio files. This is due to the fact that  most of the portable devices do not support some of the video formats available online now. As a solution , here is a list of some of the best free tools you can use to convert Youtube videos into MP3. You might ask me why Youtube and not other video platforms. The answer is quite obvious, Youtube is number 1 video resource for internet users according to the latest statistics in this field. I also opted for Youtube because most of educators use it as a resource and it would be great if they can now convert some of its content to MP3 to embed in their mobile devices for sharing with their colleagues or students.

Image Credit :qweas.com
This list is not conclusive and I might have unkowingly skipped some tools. But the ones mentioned below are among the best ones online and are completely free.

1- Xenra


3- Free Youtube to Mp3 Converter

4- X2X Free Youtube to MP3 Converter

5-Mobile Media Converter

This is a tool I have covered in a single post entitled Mobile Mdia Converter : Easily Convert Youtube Videos to Mp3.

6- Listen to Youtube

This is also a web tool that I have written about in an earlier article entitled ListentoYoube: Convert Videos into Audio Formats.

If you any suggestions or additions feel free to add them below.

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