A List of Some of The Best Free Screencasting Tools to Record your Screen and Make Awesome Tutorials

Have you ever wondered how video tutorials are made You might be wrong and think it needs advanced technology knowledge to do them. It is in fact way easier than you have ever thought. The tools below will enable you to make your screencast and broadcast it to the world to see it. Screencasting is all about sharing your screen with others, not in real time ,of course, but in a short or long recorded videos.

Educators will find these tools very useful , for they can now create their own `how to` videos and share them with their colleagues and students. As I said earlier, the procedure is very simple and , in most of the time , all it takes is a moderetally high internet broadband and a registration. You will need to open accounts in some of  these websites so that you can store the tutorials you make and share them using links. The registration is free and takes only a couple of minutes.
Since this blog targets educators then these tools are for educational purposes but others in different sectors can also use them if what they do entails a screencast.
Ok here is the list:

1- Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is my favourite screencasting tool of them all. It is free and easy to use . With one click you can start recording your screen and right from your browser on Windows, Mac, Linux and does not require any software installation. it is all online.

Watch this video to learn more

2- CamStudio

Camstudio is also a great screencasting tool. It allows its users to screen record and  ceate awesome video tutorials and share them through a generated link with others online. It is also easy to use and the only thing you need to do is download it for free into your computer.

Watch this video to learn more about Camstudio:

3- Copernicus

This is another free recording software that works with Mac. It enables its users to :

  • Take screenshots and save them
  • Record video and save it directly to RAM
  • Use the movie feature to create how to movies
  • It is free and weights 4.9 MB


Jing allows its users to create images and videos of what they see on their screen and share them with the world instantly and easily. Just to let you know that Jing has two versions one is free and the other is premium. So the free Jing offers just : five minutes of screen recording and some mark up tools for images but the pro version offers way more. However, educators might make do just with the free Jingle.

5- Wink

Wink is a tutorial and presentation creation software that lets its users :
 Capture screenshots, add explanations, boxes, buttons, titles etc and generate a highly effective tutorial for your users.
Record voice while making a tutorial
It is free and easy to use
It requires a download
It is compatible with several operating systems , you just need to choose you OS when trying to download it

The above five tools are the main FREE screencasting  tools available online. As I said before, educators can contend themselves with just one of them especially Screencast-O-Matic but if it happens that you want more developed screen recording tools and sotwares then here are some names that you can keep in mind when trying to purchase one:

  1.  Adobe Captivate ( costs $700   )
  2.  AllCapture ( costs between 169 and 249  )
  3. Hypercam ( costs $39.95 )
  4. iShowU ( costs $20 USD )
  5. ScreenRecord ( costs $ 19.95)
All thanks and gratitude go to Sean P Aune who has labored and  gathered this list of screencasting tools .

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