Merge Several Tabs into a Single Window using Windows to Tabs Extension

Managing tabs is one of the overlooked feature in most browsers and unless you do some search into the world of extensions and add-ons you will never fully benefit from the services of the browser you are using. Today I am sharing with you one of the extensions that should have normally been included in chrome by default. This web extension is called Window to Tab and as its name suggests, it allows Chrome users to merge all the opened tabs in different windows into one single window. This works for people who opens different windows in the same browser. Sometimes you end up having three windows opened and several opened tabs in each one, it takes you time and energy to keep switching between the different windows but Windows to Tabs saves you all the agony and makes it handy for you to see all the tabs in one window.

window to tabs

To start using Window to Tabs you need to head over to Chrome Extension Store and install the extension. Now whenever you want to merge tabs into one single window just click on the icon in the navigation bar. Window to Tab is free and very easy to use.

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