Send Tab Send Opened Tabs to Different Computers or Mobile Devices

SendTab is a great web application to help you send tabs to different computers and devices. Has it ever happened to you that you opened a webpage in your office or classroom and suddenly  felt like you needed to leave immediately because of a certain circumstance and wondered what would you do with the opened web page that you did not finish reading? Now with SendTab you no longer need to worry ,whenever  it happens that you want to save opened tabs to continue reading them say at home or somewhere else or even  on another computer or smartphone then all you need to do is use SendTab free service.


To start using SendTab you need to register with them and open your free account once done you can then download the  bookrmaklet into your browser tool bar or simply install their extension. You add all the devices you want to include in your netwrok. Now whenever you want to share a tab simply click on the bookmarklet and choose the device you want to send the tab to. This could be your personal computer, your co-workers' or your phone. To share a tab on your iOS devices will cost you 99 cents for the app.

Some snapshots of the app

 sendtab snapshot

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