A List of some of The Best Web Archiving Tools

How many times you lost all your online opened tabs because of power outage and get so mad and furious. It did happen to me quite often and sometimes I would end up putting my laptop aside and leave everything for another time. One of the most important things we have learnt from this technology thing is the necessity to always make back up plans for everything you are doing online. I personally am writing this post now and having 53 tabs opened in three separate windows, but I already learnt the lesson and I do have several emergency plans to save my tabs and get back to them whenever I want.

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In fact, browsers are developing so fast that they are way different from what they used to be a couple of years ago. Many, if not all of them, offer free add-ons and extensions to help you save your tabs and web pages for a later use. You might be already aware of some of them but in case you forget them or need  to explore other options then here is a list I have compiled featuring some of the most useful applications  for web page archiving. With these tools you can save the entire web page you are working on and and access back whenever your time allows for it.

Before I start the list I want to remind you ,in case you forget, about the basic and `` primitive` techniques used use with the three most known browsers to save web pages.

As for Firefox

  • click on menu then select file
  • and click on ` save page as` or click on Ctrl+ S             

 As for Chrome

There is a page icon next to the address bar. Click on it to save your page or just do a right hand click anywhere in the page and select save as.

As for Internet Explorer

IE has also the save option thing just like the previous browsers. There is only one exception in that the drop down menu that opens up for you when you are to save a web page has different options for you to choose from as the picture shows.

Now here is the list of the web archiving applications :


 Sitesucker is a  tool for cloning entire web pages on Mac. This free tool   provided by the Mac App store is designed to let its users scan and download whole websites including copies of images , background video files and more.

2-Readit later

I have already talked about this tool before in Readit Later Save Web Pages Instantly. This is mainly a web plug-in that you can install on your browser. It is one of my favourite tools because it is easy to use and with one click you will have your page saved for a later reading. Check out my my previously mentioned article to learn more.

3- PDF Download

This is another awesome tool for saving webpages but this time in PDF format. It actually converst any unsecured web page into a high quality PDF. It is an add-on that works on most of the browsers like  Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Flock, Internet Explorer, and Fire Fox

4- Instapaper

The famous Instapaper website offers its users a Read it Later bookmarklet . You need to have an account with them so that each time you do not have time to read a web page you just click on the bookmarklet and there it is saved in your account . It is a great tool and I do recommend it for you.

5- LaterLop

LaterLop is just like Instapaper in that it offers you a bookmarklet to save your web pages for a later use. The  only thing it does offer other than the bookmarklet tool is the add-on for both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Installing this add-on will enable you to do the same work the bookmarklet does.

6- Taboo

If you are like me and have the habit to work on several tabs at once in your browser then I would advise you to cosider Taboo which is a Firefox add on . Taboo takes screenshots of the pages you have opened and organize them in a grid like display. You can also view your saved links in a calendar format. The other interesting thing it does is  that it remembers “session state information such as how far you’ve scrolled on the page and information in forms,” etc.

 7- toread

toread is an email-based free bookmarking service. All you need to do is install the bookmarklet on your browser and whenever you want to save a web page just click on it and a cached version of the site will instantly be sent to your email. It also works on mobile phones and can send you just the text version of any website you want.

I hope you learnt new things from this list and if you have any further suggestions or additions feel free to drop them below

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