A List of Some of The Best Books of The Year 2011

Goodreads has finally published the list of the Winners of Goodreads Choice Awards. The selection covers different categories from fiction to paranormal fantasy. I have included here a snapshot of these categories together with the favourite book selected for each one.
Goodreads, in case you are not familiar with this website, is one of the largest site for readers and book recommendations in the world. It has a library of more than 220.000.000 books and over  6.600.000 members. Its mission is to help people improve the process of their reading  and learning . According to Goodreads :

"Most book recommendation websites work by listing random people’s reviews. On Goodreads, when a person adds a book to the site, all their friends can see what they thought of it. It’s common sense. People are more likely to get excited about a book their friend recommends than a suggestion from a stranger. We even created an amazing algorithm that looks at your books and ratings, and helps you find other books based on what fellow Goodreads members with similar tastes enjoyed. Ultimately, it’s all based on our foundation of true-blue readers. Our members also create trivia about books, lists of the best books, post their own writing and form groups and book clubs."

Here is the list of Winners of 2011 Goodreads Choice Awards

Head over to Goodreads Choice Awards page to explore more.

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