A List of some of The best Seacrh Engines for Social Networks

Social networks are playing a major role in today's virtual world. They not only connect people of the same perspective but also provide a bottomless repository of useful web and media links.Think about how many times you this year have shared a link to an important article or a video explaining an important phenomenon . You might go Oh My I can not remember. Yes neither do I . The amount of information shared on Social media  is just as important as the one shared on regular search engines. This is exactly why These social websites constitute a major component of the search results you would get using a search engine like Google or Yahoo.

As a matter of fact, more than 60 percent of the links displayed in a  search result page would  lead to social media websites. With this powerful presence of social media in search engines , a new technology has recently sprouted around the use of social networks as a source of information. There are now several Social Network search engines that provide results from the popular social websites. If you have a quest and you want to search it just in social networks then you can use The list of social engines compiled here. You might be surprised to find results coming from a link shared by one of your Facebook friends or Twitter followers. These social search engines have the ability to filter all the unnecessary search results and provide you with just the ones you want. Using these tools, users will be also be able to garner the results they need without having to search each social network individually.
The following list is not conclusive and I might have unknowingly skipped some tools but the ones mentioned below  are among the best social network search engines online.

1- Social Mention

Socialmention is a social media search and analysis platforms that gathers user generated content from across the social spectrum into a single stream of information. It allows users to :
Esily track and measure what people are saying about a topic or even you
It provides a point in time media search and analysis service
It lets you search blogs, microblogs,bookmarks, networks, videos, images,comments, events . 
It lets you create search alerts and keep track of your topics in social media.

2- Google Social Search

Google Social Search is a great social search engine that I have covered in a single post entitled Google Social Search: Socialized Search Results.

Image Credit: makeuseof.com

3-Social Search

Social Search  is a great search engine that searches links shared by your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Social-Search.com Intro from social-search on Vimeo.

4- Samepoint

Samepoint  is also a powerful search result. It is geared more towards following the conversations around a particular subject. The results of a search conducted on Samepoint feature a stream of content that provides snippets of conversations together with the icon of the social website the converstaion is taking place on.

Watch this video to learn more

5- Folowen

Folowen is a social media search engine that aggregates information about people and organizations from several social media sites into one single page.Folowen will enable you to follow in a person or organization`s social profile be it in Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, Myspace, Linkedin, and many others.


Yoname is a people search engine. It allows users to find people using social media such as Webshots, Digg, Dailymotion, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Myspace, Linkedin to mention but some. You search using one of the following ways: first and last name, username, phone number,or email address .


Snitch.name is a cool social search engine. It is commonly known as the social white pages. It offers a simpler way of searching in that it divides sites into categories such as Social ( Facebook, Twitter, Bebo.etc), Professional ( Linkedin), Academic ( Google Scholar,MIT, ect) blogs ( Wordpress), General ( yoname, Google ).

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