Detect Fake Emails Using Block Disposable Email Address

Block Disposable Email Address ( DEA ) as its name suggest is a web tool that allows its users to detect whether emails are fake or valid. This is a great tool for web masters and bloggers. If you are running a forum and have a section for subscribers then you can use DEA to filter subscribers' emails and block fake ones. I do not think this tool can be of much use and benefit for teachers and educators but I would say those of you who have their own personal websites can try this tool. I am using this tool here in my blog and I do not accept subscribers with one tine emails.

Block Disposable Email Address is very easy to use and you do not need any advanced technology skills to run it. Just head over to the main page, provide the email you want to check and you will get the result in text format .

If you liked this tool and you want to try it then head over to Block Disposable Email Address.

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