Three Websites to Download Free Streaming Radio Music

Good news to all music fans, here are three web sites where you can record radio music for free and way easier than you ever thought. I know copyrights infringements and ownership issues are a big matter for internet users but with these websites you might be able to search for, listen to and record live streaming music. Just make sure that you do not burn the music and start trading in it . This is morally unacceptable before it is legally forbidden.

Some of the features the following websites offer are :

  • They let you find and stream online radio stations
  •  They allow you to search for and record streaming music from internet radio stations to your computer
  • They let you manage and organize recorded files online
  • No registration is required but having an account with some of them will enable you to access your library from different computers.
Here are the websites:

Stream Writer 

Stream Writer  is a freeware Windows application. The set up installation takes only a few minutes. When installed you can then open it and start searching for music radio stations using different criterion like genre, title..etc. The streamed music radio stations are arranged on the left pane. You can click on one of them and start recording it in an audio file that you can keep in your computer.


chilirec is a web based  recording service that allows users to search , find , listen to and record Internet radio stations. It is easy to use and does not require any installation. Just head over to Chilirec main page open an account with them and start browsing through the radio channels there. When you find the tracks you like add them to your playlist and then press on the icon next to the track to start recording them.

Digital Audio Recorder ( DAR )

DAR is web tool that allows users to record radio broadcasts aired over the internet. Just like the others, DAR is very use to use just browse through the radio stations on its main page and once you find the one you like you can then start recording straight the tracks you like. DAR even makes it possible for you to specify how long you want to record, and schedule recordings for later. It also has a great functionality which is that of breaking up the recorded audio tracks into separate songs so that you can skip songs you do not like.

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