Send Anonymous Emails using The Free Send Email Service

Send Email is a cool service. I just learnt about it today and want to introduce it to you in case you do not know it. Send Email is  an anonymous emailing service. It allows its users to send emails anonymously. This service is free and down to earth easy. It does not require any sign up or software installation.
I am including Send Email here in my blog because there are many teachers who do not prefer to use their email addresses with their students, well at least some have told me so. Now they can use this service to do the same job their 'official '  email address would normally perform. No more excuses for not integrating technology into education .

How can I get started using Send Email ?

It is very easy to use. Just head over to Send Email main page and scroll down . Fill in the three boxes as shown in the picture below. Provide the email address to which you want to send anonymous email, write the subject and then proceed to the body of your email. When you finish , write the captcha and click send and that's it.

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