A List of Free Web Tools to Create Disposable Email Addresses

If you are an active web2.0 user and always trying new technology tips, installing new softwares and trying new web tools then your inbox will definately be cluttered with emails most of them are confirmation emails. This is not a problem so far, for as long as you find what you are looking for in  the website you registered with then it is worth the subscription but unfortunately it does not always work this way. Sometimes you would would go through all the registration process and seriuosly provide all the information asked from you and once you are registered you find out that you have been a victim of spam sites. You will start getting all sorts of emails into your inbox to the extent that you can no longer filter your friends emails from the spam ones. I hope you are not into a situation like this because I have gone through it and I really hate it.

 You always need to be careful when submitting your email address to others. There are several websites that sell your email addresses to advertising companies especially that are into pornography and sexual materials ( like Viagra, herbal medicine...ect). Have you ever got an email from a company telling you about a magic recipe to grow or make bigger your genital organs and staff like that? I am sure you might and might even wondered where the hell they got my email. It is from spam sites you have registerd with or being tricked to submit your email address to.

Luckily there is a solution for this. There are many online free services that offer disposabe or one time use email addresses. You can use these emails to test whether the website you want to register with is really what it claims to be or not without having to risk your inbox. I have collected some of these free tools for you to keep and bookmark . Try the followings:

1- Disposable

 Disposable is a free web service that allows its users to create multiple email addresses easily and for free. It does not require any sign up and you can immediately check the inbox upon the creation of email address.

2- Mintemail

Mintemail is another free disposable email service. It generates a disposable email address for each visitor. You can use this email address with fishy web forms and sign ups.

3- 10Minutemail

10Minutemail as its name suggests is a free to use web service that provides its users with disposable email address that lasts just for ten minutes. But if you want more time you can click on the timer and add another ten minutes.

4- WhySpamMe

WhySpamMe is another free service that lets you create disposable email instantly. What make this website different from others is the fact that once you create your own disposable email with WhySpamMe then all the messages sent to your disposable address will be forwarded to your real email address. So when you think the emails are spam then you can quickly delete the disposable address and you are done.

5- Dudmail

Dudmail lets you create your own disposable email address and provides you with a URL. This is the link you can use to check the messages sent to your disposable email address. You can also sign up with Dudmail using your real email address and all emails sent to your disposable address will be forwarded to your real email, and like WhySpamMe, you can delete your one time address whenever you want.

6- TrashMail

TrashMail is a free web service that provides its users with disposable emails to be used in sign ups. It works in the same way Dudmail and WhySpamMe do with only a slight  addition which is that TrashMail also allows users to set a life span for their disposable email address and when this is over then the email is expired too.

7- BugMeNot

BugMeNot lets you get disposable login details for a number of popular news,reviews, download websites that normally require users to register. This is a good service especially for those who like to read online newspapers. Sometime you are reading an article say Washinton Post then suddenly a window would pop up with a message prompting you  to register to continue readin which does not make sense because once you register they will flood your inbox with their daily news. In cases such as these you can use BugMeNot to solve the problem.

8- GishPuppy

GishPuppy is a free disposable email service. It provides users with disposable email addresses to use in unsecure sign ups. It works like WhySpamMe and other tools in that it forwards emails sent to disposable address to the real email and once a user thinks that he is a victim of spam then he can delete the dispoable email address instantly and stop receiving spam emails in his inbox.

9- Mailnesia

Mailnesia lets you generate your own disposable email address that you can keep as long as you want. It also provides you with an account to check for emails sent to your disposable email. Emails can stay there as long as two months after which they will be deleted.

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