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Youtube Documentaries is a video platform created by an enthusiastic web developer to offer free documentaries to its users. It has nothing to do with  YouTube  except that most if not all itsscontent is from it.

" We are not affiliated with, or . We do however love and 
I happen to really enjoy watching documentaries - and I use to find them. It's an excellent source. I'm a web developer - so I put 2 and 2 together to come up with this website. "

 I have covered several free documentary sites in my previous articles here and Youtube Documentaries is one of the best documentary resource in this list.

Multimedia sites where educational videos are offered for free are highly desirable for educators. Teachers are in constant need of video resources from which to fetch their digital support. It is not always easy to find secure and reliable video platforms and this is why we try our best to provide the best resources for educators here.

Youtube Documentaries is completely free of charge and very easy to use. You can even subscribe to their email notifications and whenever  a new documentary is published you will get an email in your inbox of the link to this video. Youtube Documentaries also allows you to tag videos and share them with your friends. You can create a My Video page to keep track of the videos you have watched.

 youtube documentaries

Documentaries in this platform are only 10 minutes long.So if a documentary is normally 50 minutes then you will find it divided into 5 parts each part featuring a 10 minutes clip. I have just finished watching a 12 minutes  documentary of World War Two in colour. I love history documentaries but you can find all kinds of  categories.
If you want to give this website a try then head over to Youtube Documentaries main page and start watching.

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