Printliminator Print Whatever Part of a Web Page

PrintLiminator is a great bookmarklet that allows you to print whatever part of a web page. How many times you want to print just a part of a web page and you end up printing the whole page ? It is not convenient at all but lets thank technology life has been much easier.


Printliminator is a bookmarklet that you can install on your browser . It is fairly simple and easy to use. Just drag and drop the button and there you go. Once you found a part of a web page you want to print out then you just click on the bookmarklet and  circle the part you want , you can even eliminate graphics and reformat the print styling and when you are done you click on print and that's it.

 Printliminator is a great tool to save you paper . It works on Chrome, Safari, and  Firefox.

Watch this video to learn more about Printliminator

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