Send Links from Chrome to your Phone using Google Chrome to Phone Extension

The Gogle Chrome to Phone is a cool chrome add-on. It allows its users to send information like text, links, maps and contact numbers to your Android device.This is in fact a great service for Android users. As a matter of fact Android offers the best syncing experience and using Google to Chrome extension will  definitely make your Android browsing experience richer and much more convenient.

chrome to phone

To start using Google to Phone extension you need to head over to Chrome esxtensions gallery and install the add-on on your browser. You will also need to install the Chrome to Phone app from the Android market. Once you installed both of the tools  you can then instantly and easily start sending in information from your chrome browser to your Android simply by clicking on the button installed on your browser. You access and view the contextual information you sent in your  phone's apps. For instance , YouTube links will automaticcally launch on YouTube app, and maps links will open in Google  Maps app. This Android feature requires Froyo ( Android2.2) to work.

Watch this video to learn more about Google to Chrome Extension

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