Capture, Edit, and Share your Screen Uisng Explain and Send Screenshots for Chrome

Explain and Send Screenshots is a Google Chrome extension that lets users capture screenshots of their websites and send them to their friends using Twitter and Facebook or via a generated link.This is in fact a useful tool for those who love to share important portions of what they see or read on their web pages . Explain and Send Screenshots will help you capture the part of the page you want and add your own explanations with the use of arrows, lines, circles and text.

To start using Explain and Send Screenshots you need to head over to Chrome extension gallery and install the add-on. Once installed you can then start sharing your screenshots very easily. Just click on the Expand and Send Screenshots button on your browser and  a new tab will automatically be opned with the web page you want to share. Crop out the portion you want to share and  use the editing tool bar to ad arrows and text then send it as a post on your Facebook and Twitter .

Watch this video to see Explain and Send Screenshots in action.

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