DifferenceBetween Find out Differences for Seemingly Similar Terms

What is the difference between ROM and RAM  is flu different from cold ? is Pilate the same as Yoga? The common thing between all these question is the fact that they inquire about the differences between seemingly similar terms. To provide answers to these questions will entail you some effort and time looking around online for useful websites to gratify your quests. But with DifferenceBetween you can anwser all these questions with a single click.

DifferenceBetween is a coll website that is free to use. It provides differences between two seemingly similar  terms. You can browse through the site`s articles or use the search bar to look for specific articles. There are several categories to help you focus your search. Here are some examples of categories and their articles :

In this category you can find articles detailing difference between similar health terms such as :

Difference between scratch and itch
difference between  Mosquito and spider bites


difference between Deacons and Elders
Difference between Mystery and Suspense


Difference between HTML and WML
Difference between Mozilla and Firefox


Difference between Social Networking and Professional Networking
Difference between Government and Business


Difference between Thunderstorm Watch and Warning
Difference between Ice and Snow

These are just some examples. There are also categories like technology, science, objects, most emailed articles, top viewed articles. I believe this website is a great treasure for educators. You can use it to look for information to include in your lessons . It would also be great if you share DifferenceBetween with your students and show them how they can use it.
I have personally subscribed to their newsletter service to keep track of the new articles published. To discover and hopefully use this website you can head over to DifferenceBetween official page.

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