The Importance of Team Work in Education

Team work is something that every educator stresses upon. It is in fact the backbone of classroom work. It is not only a method of work but a cherished conduct, a desirable learning behaviour.The purpose is to prepare citizens who can collaborate for the benifit of the whole society. This is education's ideal goal after all.

 We might differe in the way we perceive the nature of team work but no two educators will ever argue over its importance. There are in fact several clasroom tasks and activities that promote collaboration and cooperation between students.I will not go through these activities here because it is not what this article is designed to cover. I will instead underlie the importance of team work furthermore with these two videos that have been making rounds on the net for months now. Some of you might have already seen them but I really hope that you would give them your full attention and devote some of your time to concentrate on the message they try to communicate to us. They are short videos but contain inestimable wisdom.

It would also be preferable to devote an hour of your teaching time and share these videos with your students. They can be integrated into a listening activity after which you provide students with questions about the content of the videos.This is just a suggestion but you can use them the way you see it convenient.

The first video is entitled The Meaning of Team : Together We Achieve More.

The second video is entitled  Lessons from The Geese.

I hope you got the message and do not forget to spread it.

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