DeadFake Send Fake Emails to your Friends

DeadFake is a fake email service. It is a tool to prank your friends online. The idea behind this service is to make your email look like it is coming from someone else with his or her email for instant ( obama@whitehouse.gv ). The service is all fake and can be used to make fun at your friends. This tool does probably not mean anything to you as educators being used to come to my blog to read articles related to technology and education. But the reason why I am including this tool here is to draw your attention to the spam mail you might be getting in your inbox in the form of emails coming from people you know and as soon as you open them you become a victim of phishing or your computer crashes or run the risk of loosing your private information like pin codes and passwords.

Now that you learnt about DeadFake, you can use it to have fun with your friends but nothing more. Remember the principle behind it is to always scrutinize your emails info before you click on any links included in them. Always make sure to check the headers in suspicious emails. The legitimate email will always have the " from" email address in the " sender" field.

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