Are users of Internet Explorer dumber than the others ?

Here is a recent interesting piece of news i have read in CNNTech website and want to share with you. The article is entitled Are Internet Explorer Users Dumbe ? My curiosity drives me to inquire for an answer and conviction. I know the facts in this article are relative but they are quite fascinating.

There has been a recent survey conducted over 100 000 participants by AptiQuant whiich is a  consulting company based in Vancouver. The survey was in the form of an IQ test that the participants had to undergo while monitoring which browser they used to take the test.  Guess what !! Chrome, Safari and Firefox scored slightly above average while Internet Explorer users scored below average.
This is not it , there is a counter part that refutes these findings and have even went so far to give evidence, I wont say more , i ll let you enjoy the article by yourself. Read more in Are Internet Explorer Dumb ?

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