Eyeoo – open multiplke website in one page

Eyeoo is a cool web application. It allows its users to open and compare multiple websites and view them all in one page. After we have talked about some of the educational extensions that educators can use to make their internet browsing faster namely tools such as Linkclump and Multiple Links, today i am introducing you to Eyeoo which will give your online navigation another special touch , that of professionals.




Some features of Eyeoo

Here is a list of the main features that Eyeoo offers to its users:

  • It is free to use
  • It is very simple
  • It has a user friendly interface
  • It allows you to open multiple links ( up to 3 ) in on one single page
  • It does not require any registration

How can i get started using Eyeoo ?

To start using Eyeoo you need to :

  1. Head over to Eyeoo main page
  2. Choose a layout template
  3. You can resize the frames up and down or right and left or use a different layout
  4. Enter the URLs of the sites you want to view
  5. Hit “go “ and there you go




Applications of Eyeoo in education

As educators we sometimes open multiple links in different windows or even browsers and we even get lost while moving from one web page to the other, now with Eyeoo you can manage your opened URLs very efficiently and will also save you so much of your time. Head over to Eyeoo and give it a try.

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