Memonic – How to work on a research project online

Memonic is a great web application. It allows its users to bookmark and clip any web content online. It is one of the best solutions to the bookmarking problems some of us suffer from. Sometimes while you are surfing the web  and have no time to read everything you come across you would just bookmark the URLs into a cluttered bookmarks folder which is something you would not want . With Memonic you can now control what you bookmark and organize your saved URLs into easily searchable folders.

This web service is a great tool for researchers. They can use it to store their info and clip and annotate web contents for later viewing.

Some features of Memonic

Here is a list of the best features that Memonic offers to its users:
  • It offers free and premium accounts

  • It is simple and easy to use

  • It has a web friendly interface

  • It lets you bookmark links and URLs online

  • It also allows you to clip content from web pages

  • You can also store notes online

  • It also supports special notes formatting

  • It has a bookmarklet to install on your browser

How can i get started using Memonic ?

Head over to Memonic main page and open your free account there then install the Bookmarklet on your browser. Whenever you visit a web page clicking on the bookmarklet will allow you to:
  1. Clip Content

  2. Read Later

  3. Bookmark

  4. Write a Note

  5. Gathering ( this is available for premium members )

If you click on Clip Content you will be able to save links to your Memonic account that you can refer to later on.
There is also a note taking panel that is displayed to you whenever you use this tool. This panel lets you title your note and add special formatting to it.

if you want to explore other web clipping and bookmarking applications similar to this one then i invite you to check Free Bookmarking and Annotating Tools.

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